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MRI is an advanced technology that lets the radiologist see internal organs, blood vessels, muscles, joints, tumors, areas of infection, and more -- without x-rays, surgery or pain. An MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography] evaluates arteries.

MRI is safe. It makes use of natural forces and has no known harmful effects.

How does the MRI  work?
The MRI machine creates a magnetic field, sends radio waves through your body, and then measures the response with a computer. This creates an image of the inside of your body that is much clearer than can be obtained with most other methods.

MRI poses no known risk to most patients if appropriate safety guidelines are followed. However, MRI may be inadvisable if you have, or believe that you might have, any of the following:

  • Brain aneurysm clips  Some clips are acceptable--please inform us before your appointment.  Let us know your surgery date and clip type.
  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Metal fragments in the eye
  • Pregnant or may be pregnant
  • Implanted medication pumps
  • Implanted nerve stimulating devices
  • Intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Surgically implanted or metal object in your body