Katherine's Rehab Story

Jul 3, 2019

Getting patients back on their feet one step at a time

Katherine Kaliher, Rehabilitation Supervisor

Katherine's Rehab Story Since 2009, Katherine Kaliher has served Coral Gables Hospital as rehabilitation supervisor, but she first became acquainted with the department's services and specialties in a much different way.

"I used to do marketing at a nursing home part-time, and this is one of the hospitals I worked with," she explains. "When I came here, everyone was really friendly."

Upon receiving her master’s degree in physical therapy, Katherine began working at Coral Gables as a per-diem therapist and was immediately struck by the staff’s commitment to personalized and compassionate care.

"One thing I really like about it is that it’s really easy to communicate with physicians and nurses," she says. "We get to know each other on a first-name basis."

Katherine also appreciates the fact that the hospital's leadership staff has taken such an active role in the lives of their patients.

"The administration is very visible," she says. "You always see them in the hallways and elevators. That’s a nice environment to work in."

According to Katherine, the physical therapy department maintains a policy of meeting one patient every 45 minutes. This type of scheduling allows her to focus solely on the patient and leads to more quality interactions.

"That’s where we differ from other facilities that double- and triple-book patients," she explains. "I think our patients really appreciate the one-on-one time. They get a more hands-on experience."