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Olga's ER Story

Jan 30, 2020

Airport management professional Olga Feliu enjoys safe travels after a major fall

Olga Feliu, ER Patient

Olga's ER Story Working in the runway operations tower at Miami International Airport, Olga Feliu is no stranger to high-stress situations. Recently she found herself in a major challenge of her own after coming home from a double shift.

"A combination of poor nutrition and lack of rest resulted in me fainting, falling and hitting my head," she says. "Thankfully, I live in an apartment building, and when a neighbor heard a loud thump, she called 9-1-1."

By the time the paramedics arrived, Olga had regained consciousness. She was then transported to Coral Gables Hospital for further treatment. The prospect didn't excite her.

"I've had bad experiences with hospitals in the past and didn't want to put myself through it again," she says. "However, I didn't have much of a choice because I was bleeding from the back of my head and needed stitches."

Olga's doctors stitched up her head wound and performed an MRI to check for brain damage.  She felt extremely nervous and claustrophobic before the procedure, but the staff at Coral Gables Hospital offered her patience and understanding.

"They didn't rush me or make me feel embarrassed about it, but instead, calmed me down and waited until I was ready," she says.

While she wouldn't want to relive the experience, Olga was grateful for their generosity and guidance during a difficult time.

"From the moment I arrived at the emergency room, I knew this hospital was different from the others,"she says. "The compassion and respect I received from all of the nurses and staff in the ER eased my nerves and made me feel at home."