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Day 6: Is Coffee Good for Your Heart?

What effect does coffee have on your heart? A few studies provide ample reason to start the day with a cup of Joe. As one of the world’s most popular drinks, coffee has been studied a LOT and with varying conclusions. In fact, it’s gone from being on the World Health Organization’s list of possible carcinogens in 1991, to being removed and subsequently hailed as a “healthy beverage” in 2016.

Coffee and Heart Health

While more than six cups a day could lead to anxiety, heart palpitations or stomach problems, moderate coffee consumption can actually be part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are just a few findings:

  1. In a study of 83,000 women in the Nurses’ Health Study, drinking four or more cups of coffee was associated with a 20% lower risk of stroke, compared with non-coffee drinkers. No other caffeinated drinks, such as tea or soda, showed this correlation.
  2. The same Nurses Study also found a 21% reduced risk of heart disease in those who drank two to three cups of coffee per day.
  3. And because type 2 diabetes has such a strong connection to heart disease, you may be glad to know that a 20-year study of more than 45,000 people showed that habitual coffee drinkers had an 8-33% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, compared to non-coffee drinkers.

Other benefits include improved mental focus, lower incidence of depression and certain types of cancer. So if you enjoy coffee, drink up if your doctor says, “Okay.” Just go easy on the sugar, whipped cream and added flavors so you don’t undo the benefits from this warm boost of goodness.

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