Salute to Nursing - Coral Gables Hospital

Jan 30, 2020

Karen Rodriguez, BSN, MSN

Friends and family always told Karen Rodriguez that she would make a great nurse. Her dream as she was growing up was to work in healthcare. As an assistant nurse manager in the ICU at Coral Gables Hospital, she oversees the department and makes sure that everything is going smoothly. She has a passion for helping her colleagues that she works with every day. Karen graduated from Miami-Dade College with her Bachelors in Nursing. She recently graduated with her ACNP from Barry University. In her spare time, her passion is travel. She also plans to start taking piano classes.
Rosa Martinez, RN, BSN
Rosa Martinez’s passion is taking care of others. Rosa is the assistant nurse manager in the emergency room. She has been a nurse on staff at Coral Gables Hospital since 2005. Her responsibilities include coordinating patient flow so that everything is running smoothly. Rosa is a firm believer that she can make a difference when a person is at their most vulnerable time. At Coral Gables Hospital, she is also doing clinical education and helping with the new nurses that are coming on staff. She received her nursing degree from Miami Dade College. In her free time, she enjoys reading and travel. 

Source: South Florida Hospital News

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