Coral Gables Hospital recently renovated endoscopy suites

These suites allow physicians in the hospital the capability to perform procedures in three rooms simultaneously. 

Prior to the renovation, the hospital featured two endoscopy suites. “In a continuing effort to serve our patients and their families, we will continue to enhance the hospital facilities and the services we provide,” commented Jeffrey M. Welch, CEO of Coral Gables Hospital. “The addition of a third endoscopy room means less wait time for those waiting to have procedures.”

The endoscopy suites, are used for both inpatient and outpatient procedures including colonoscopy, a highly effective test used to screen patients for colon cancer, and gastroscopy. Procedures in the Endoscopy Suites are performed by board certified gastroenterologists and nurses certified in procedural sedation. The new suites were designed with maximum privacy in mind.

To find a physician, please call 1-866-661-3359.

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