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woman jumpingWomen have unique challenges when it comes to their health. So when you have a medical issue that needs attention, you need to feel comfortable talking about it with somebody who will understand.

Here at Coral Gables Hospital you will find professionals who specialize in women’s health. Our staff understands that your life is challenging enough as it is without adding a health problem to the list. We provide some of the best and most efficient care possible to get you out of our facility and on your way.

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Early Detection

If you aren’t getting regularly tested for breast cancer, you’re missing the opportunity for early detection.

But what does that mean in real terms? Breast cancer is a common cause of death in the United States—and the earlier the diagnosis, the better your chances of survival.

Give yourself the best tool in the fight and schedule your first of regular screenings with a breast health specialist. 

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Personalized care, designed specifically for women 

You are a unique individual, and your treatment plan should suit you specifically.

Whether you’re dealing with heart disease, experiencing problems with pelvic health, or visiting us for routine breast or gynecological exams, our doctors create a personalized treatment plan for you using some of the latest technologies.

We use advanced diagnostics to generate comprehensive studies that enable us to diagnose potential breast abnormalities at the earliest stage possible.

If you and your doctor decide that you will undergo fibroid removal or a hysterectomy, you may choose minimally invasive surgery for a speedier recovery. Minimally invasive surgery involves the use of robotic techniques that is designed for smaller incisions, less bleeding and pain, and a lower risk of infection. 

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