Every hospital has stories.  

These are a few of ours.

In hospitals, we’re surrounded by stories. Some are incredible. Some are touching and heartfelt. All of them are nice to hear. We recognize that we can talk on and on about the distinctions we’ve been awarded, the services we offer, and the experience of the physicians working in our halls. But only by hearing the stories of those just like you, folks who arrived at our doors anxious or scared and went home healed, can you truly begin to understand who we are, and what we strive for.

You’ll find a number of stories we’ve collected about our hospital. We’ll be adding more regularly so check back often. Take a read and decide if Coral Gables Hospital seems like the place for your care, your loved one, or your career.

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Judy's Migraine Story

When Judy couldn't find relief for her migraines, she turned to the Outpatient Rehabilitation Center at Coral Gables for help.

Manuel's Prostate Story

Manuel learned the importance of regular checkups when doctors found an irregularity on his prostate.

Olga's ER Story

A sudden fall sent Olga to the ER at Coral Gables Hospital. Read her story.

Katherine's Rehab Story

As a rehab surpervisor at Coral Gables Hospital, Katherine knows better than anyone the care you're receive there.

Sergio's Rehab Story

Even at 84 years old, Sergio wasn’t going to let his chronic shoulder pain stop him from living his life. 

Jose Luis's Rehab Story

“Earlier this year, I suffered a stroke,” shares Jose Luis. “Part of my recovery included occupational, physical and speech therapy at the Outpatient Rehabilitation Center at Coral Gables Hospital.”

Jose's Story: Director of Radiology

A commitment to always improving.

Roberto's Neurology Story

When Roberto was told he had 12 hours to live, he turned to Coral Gables Hospital.

Dr. Gutierrez-Galatas' Story: ER Director

"I fell in love with the hospital because I could relate to the people. It’s about being able to serve the community that I love."

Dr. Torres' Story: General Surgeon

A doctor emphasizes that every patient's journey is unique.
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