Solving a variety of health problems with great sensitivity

Dr. Ernest Torres, General Surgeon

Dr. Torres' Story- General Surgeon As a general surgeon at Coral Gables Hospital, Dr. Ernest Torres must handle a wide range of surgical emergencies. He emphasizes that each patient’s road to recovery is unique.

"An elective patient is different from an emergency patient," he notes. "An elective one – they are prepared. They know what’s going on. I've seen them before and have done an introduction. In emergency cases, there are sometimes surprises."

Dr. Torres uses specialized training and some of the most advanced technology to determine the proper course of treatment. In order to calm his patients, he addresses their concerns in a kind and courteous manner. It's an approach shared by all members of Coral Gables Hospital.

"Once I came here, I was very attracted to the hospital because of the people," he says. "The nurses are all friendly and everyone in the OR is very approachable."

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