An expert in radiology technology embraces the future of medicine

Jose Molliner, Administrative Director of Radiology

Jose Molliner Hospital Story

Prior to his current position as Administrative Director of Radiology, Jose Molliner held a variety of leadership roles in his 20 years with Coral Gables Hospital. Given his depth of experience, he has been able to witness the hospital's growth and development from different angles.

"It’s always been a challenge, but I love challenges," he says. "It’s kept me on my toes all the time and gave me a reason to stay. When nothing changes, it gets boring."

Jose believes that modern technologies have helped his staff improve their sophistication and abilities in virtually all aspects.

"Technology has allowed us to expand the number of procedures and studies that we do," he says. "About seven years ago, when we changed from regular film to digital, that was a big change for us. It's also become an advantage for us."

More importantly, Jose has noticed that patients welcome these advancements and continue to express their approval.

"They like that it’s been changing and been getting better," he says. "They like that we are constantly reinventing the wheel. We are always looking for new ways to do things better, faster and more efficiently."

While the radiology department at Coral Gables Hospital has made impressive strides in diagnosis and treatment, attentive patient care always comes first for Jose and his staff.

"It has always been family-oriented as far as the culture and atmosphere between the physicians and patients," he says. "What happens in big hospitals is sometimes they lose that. The staff hardly even sees each other. Here, because we’re a smaller hospital, everybody knows each other. We see the same patients year after year."

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