Making chronic migraines a thing of
the past

Judy Brownstein, Outpatient Rehabiliation Center patient

Judy's Migrane StoryFor more than 20 years, Judy Brownstein’s life was dictated by chronic migraines. They would incapacitate her with as many as four a day. She was in constant pain, which made even simple tasks like driving or reading impossible. She had little hope of living a normal life.

"Countless visits to specialists, neurologists and acupuncturists could not provide me even the slightest bit of relief," Judy says. "For two decades, I relied on medications and just dealt with the side effects."

Eventually, Judy visited the Outpatient Rehabilitation Center at Coral Gables Hospital. She started undergoing migraine therapy treatment, and after working with several rehabilitation therapists using various treatments like ultrasounds, specialty massages, and heat, her migraines decreased significantly.

"The caring therapists performed wonders, if not actual miracles," Judy says. "I now even have entire days without migraines."

With the number and severity of her headaches reduced, Judy regained control of her life.

"Before therapy, driving to visit friends and family who lived far away was out of the question," Judy says. "Now I feel comfortable driving anywhere. I can read more, sit through a movie and even exercise."

"All the years I suffered… I never imagined I could achieve such incredible results."

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