Physical therapists provide relief for grandfather/granddaughter duo

Sergio's Rehabilitation Story Sergio Restrepo, Outpatient Rehabiliation Center patient

Cristina Leon had been experiencing back pain so severe that she could only walk for a few minutes before needing to sit down. This pain interfered with her daily activities for about a year and she finally decided to seek medical attention. After just three physical therapy sessions at Coral Gables Hospital’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, Cristina immediately noticed a difference and was pain-free once she completed her treatment. Seeing his granddaughter’s amazing results, Sergio Restrepo knew exactly where to go when his primary doctor prescribed physical therapy for a sore shoulder.

“It turns out that my left rotator cuff was significantly worn down,” Sergio says. “I thought the pain was a result of aging and a few falls I’ve suffered, but it became so unbearable that I even had trouble sleeping at night.”

Sergio attended two physical therapy sessions a week, each for one hour. His physical therapists had him do shoulder exercises, with and without weights, and also gave him massages designed to alleviate his shoulder pain. Sergio was also told to keep up with his exercises at home and saw results soon after his first few sessions.

“I can’t express how grateful I am for the physical therapists that worked with me and helped me get better,” he expresses. “I am confident that the therapists at Coral Gables Hospital are some of the best because not only did they help my condition improve, but I also saw various patients during my sessions that greatly improved as well.”

Not only were the physical therapists at the Outpatient Rehabilitation Center able to ease Sergio’s shoulder pain, they also made him feel like he was right at home. Everyone he encountered, including the hospital’s director of rehabilitation who paid him a visit, treated him with the utmost respect and compassion. Sergio’s brother and daughter, Diana, accompanied him to his physical therapy sessions, and he is thankful that the staff also treated them like family.

Even at 84 years old, Sergio wasn’t going to let his chronic shoulder pain stop him from living his life. Thanks to the services at Coral Gables Hospital’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, he has regained movement in his left shoulder and looks forward to enjoying his days with his loved ones by his side.

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