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Roberto's Neurology Story

Jan 30, 2020

A surgeon’s deft touch – both in and out of the operating room – saved his life

Roberto Perez, Outpatient Rehabilitation Center Patient

Roberto's Patient Story Roberto Perez was seemingly in good health when he suffered a subdural hematoma that required emergency surgery.

Told that he only had 12 hours to live without the surgery, Roberto and his wife were in desperate need of expert guidance from people they could trust.

A neurosurgeon at Coral Gables Hospital helped them make the right decisions regarding such an urgent matter.

"I'm very impressed with this hospital," he says. "They did the right thing."

Roberto returned to Coral Gables Hospital a few years later when he was experiencing difficulty walking due to an artery blockage.

"I had a therapist for one hour guiding me through every exercise," he says. "That's very unique. I'd never had that kind of personal treatment."

Now that Roberto has improved, he is expanding his therapy activities to include more advanced movements. Every step of the way, a Coral Gables therapist is there to stand alongside him.

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