Surgery is a major medical procedure that can cause some stress and even anxiety. At Coral Gables Hospital, our team of medical experts possesses the knowledge and tools to help put your fears at ease. 


While our preference is always to find non-surgical solutions for your health problems, surgery may be required for a wide range of conditions and can include anything from emergency open-heart surgery to simple tonsillectomy. But no matter what your condition, you can count on our surgeons to provide the most up-to-date care using the latest surgical technologies to ensure the process is as safe, easy and painless as possible.


There are as many types of surgeries as there are medical conditions, but they generally break down into two categories: emergency and elective surgeries. Emergency surgery usually happens if you come to the emergency room with a serious condition, like a heart attack or stroke, that requires immediate life-saving surgery. Elective surgery is one that you plan and discuss with your doctor, and many of these can be performed using less invasive techniques.

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The nurses are all friendly and everyone in the OR is very approachable.

- Dr. Ernest Torres, General Surgeon

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