Foot Pain

Get back on your feet

Foot and ankle pain can be easy to ignore. They’re far away from vital organs, and for many of us we try to get off our feet as much as possible during the day. We take a seat at our desk, the pain subsides, and we think, “I’ll get that looked at sometime.” But then we never do.

Foot and ankle pain is not only uncomfortable, it can also seriously affect your ability to get around, and therein affect your health. It can prevent you from getting a proper amount of exercise, and could also keep you from the things you do enjoy doing like playing golf or taking a walk on the beach.

You can take back your freedom to move comfortably with treatment from our foot and ankle specialists. Whether you have a broken foot, sprained ankle, or painful bone spurs from osteoarthritis, we can help you get back on your feet.

Are you hurt, or are you injured?

In sports, a coach will often ask if you are hurt or injured. The difference being that if you’re hurt, it might be something you can play through, while if you’re injured, you would want to have a professional take a look at the injury.

Foot and ankle pain is no different. For a sprain or a strain, the treatment might be as easy as staying off it for a few days. Avoid the activities that cause discomfort, ice the injury to ease the swelling, consider a compression bandage to also combat swelling, and keep it elevated to the extent possible. You can be back on course in no time.

But if it’s something more serious, more aggressive treatment might be necessary.

The only way to find out for sure is to talk to a doctor, and that’s where our online Find a Doc physician finder is especially helpful in finding a doctor that’s right for you and your injury.

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