Surgery is just the first step.

Undergoing surgery or completing treatment for a heart attack, injury or stroke is often only the first step in getting back to your normal daily life. These experiences can leave your muscles weakened, and reduce your mobility. But you can supercharge the healing process by following through with a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Our on-site outpatient rehab center offers therapies for a wide range of conditions from stroke rehab to headache/migraine therapy. With one-on-one care from licensed professional therapists, your personalized rehabilitation program can take you all the way to a healthier, happier life.

Find a healing path.

The journey from when you come out of surgery to your final session with your therapist can take months. But it’s a road paved with accomplishments and milestones of your recovery that help you realize how far you’ve come. A good rehab program challenges you mentally and physically so you constantly see improvements. And our experienced therapists work with you day in and day out, using some of the latest equipment and techniques to keep you on a healing path.

"We provide 45 minutes to an hour of one-on-one treatment to each patient. We offer flexible appointment times throughout the day including Saturdays. We have specialized programs, and all our therapy is provided by licensed professional therapists," says Liliana Cabal, Rehabilitation Director. "We provide personalized care, and patients can be referred directly to the rehab department to start therapy right away."

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Migraine Therapy

For more than 20 years, migraines incapacitated Judy nearly every day. Simple tasks like reading or driving became too difficult, and she had little hope for ever living a normal day-to-day life. Countless visits to specialists, neurologists and acupuncturists offered little relief.

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