Good until it’s gone

From the time you utter your first word (perhaps ‘mama’) right up until you enter speech therapy, chances are you take your voice for granted. When you lose your voice, whether following a stroke or because of a stutter or learning disorder, our therapists are here to help you get it back, and make it stronger than ever.

You can feel confident choosing Coral Gables because our therapists understand how frustrating it can be when you’re unable to communicate what you think or want to the people around you, and they can give you the tools to help you fix or minimize the problem.

Some common speech and language disorders we treat include:

  • Speech issues, such as slurring, mutism, and aphasia
  • Stuttering
  • Voice problems resulting from laryngitis or throat cancer
  • Written language disorders
  • Thinking, memory and learning disorders

What happens during speech therapy?

Like all of our therapy programs, you’re speech therapy will depend on your unique problems and needs. However, some typical exercises may include:

  • Recounting stories
  • Knowing where you struggle, like with bigger words, and understanding how to anticipate them
  • Understanding gestures or body language
  • Real world practice by taking trips outside the hospital
  • Exercises for the face and mouth


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